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Where to Run?

So I frequently run in my hood, but sometimes it gets old. My “coach”, Bill Ruth, messaged me yesterday and very wisely said “…the hardest step is the first one out the door…” and he’s right. Which is why I often buckle up my seat belt before I lace up my running shoes.

My mother, God rest her soul, used to laugh at me for going to my friend Dave Kresge’s house, then getting in his minivan and driving to Lehigh University’s athletic fields (or any other 100 places we went) to run. She’d say “You guys can run anywhere, just go and get it over with.” Obviously, my mom did not get bit by the running bug like we did, so she just didn’t get it. We ran in South Bethlehem where we lived, too, but sometimes it was just fun to go somewhere else. The scenery, the company, the terrain, are all things that increased motivation. Then she would ask “If you have to try so hard to be motivated, why even run?” Mom, I don’t know. I just have to.

So, having one of these “I really want to run, just not here” days, I picked up my daughter from school and we drove to Rowe Ave in Portland, ME and we ran Fore River Sanctuary Trails. We are SO lucky here in Portland to have the Portland Trails Organization. They do such a tremendous job giving bird watchers, mountain bikers, hikers and runners the service of providing us with woods in the city.

The Fore River Sanctuary can be reached from many places, Rowe Ave off of Brighton Ave in Portland and 1601 Congress St. (Maine Orthopedics) being two of the easiest. The trail winds and bobs through woods and fields and offers beautiful views. There are several little ponds, a bridge over a river, Portland’s only natural water fall and boardwalks through the many wetlands. When I first moved here I could not believe I was in down town Portland, it was like being out in the country somewhere.

So we ran from the north end to the south end of the sanctuary, and back. It took us about 28 minutes running about 8:30 minute/mile pace. It’s not a long one but it is a beautiful run, and not one I’d be sorry if I did 2x in one run! So go check it out – take a drive to run. Your motivation will thank you!