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I went to Active Health Performance Therapy due to lower back pain (Sciatica) as diagnosed by my doctor. I had been having low back pain (trouble walking/sitting and had to limit my daily workouts such as running and weight lifting). I was very unhappy how my lifestyle was changing from one being quite active to one with limitations and pain. The first time I walked into AH I was greeted warmly and felt like Becky took my concerns seriously and was committed to helping me feel better as soon as possible. Right away she wanted to know a lot about me and my situation in order to make the best treatment plan. She was extremely positive and reassuring that things would get better and we figured out a treatment plan that would work. I met her once a week and my appointments consisted of a mix of exercises, stretches, manipulation, as well we education so I could move forward and get back into my normal routine. She was very helpful to show me how to care for my back and letting me know what exercises I should do and how to properly perform them. I always looked forward to my appointments knowing that I would be in good hands and treated with a high level of skill. Both Becky and Dave are very passionate about what they do and they really care for their patients- very welcoming and have a great sense of humor! After about 8 weeks my back pain and limitations have gradually improved and I now am feeling up to my full activity level with no pain- I am very grateful for that. I would highly recommend Active Health Performance Therapy to any of my friends or family.