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Spin Class – Out of Control!

Why spin class you ask? So it’s December first and the temperature finally dipped into the freezing point here in Maine. This is a good thing, I suppose, because, well, it’s supposed to be cold. It’s a bad thing, however, because now I have more motivation to have have a cavity filled than I do to run. And I have all the tights, and the special socks, and wicking clothes with special poly blend super material that blocks the wind, keeps me dry, gives compression and reminds me to eat my veggies. But regardless of what I wear, I’m cold when I start, my feet go numbish, when the wind hits me I realize how I am really not dry, and I’m overheated when I’m done. My joints never quite warm up to run comfortably, and the wind makes my face hurt.

Well, my friend Jim White has been trying to get me to try a spin class with him at The Fitness Factory gym. He tells me that running is too hard on my body and that I should spin instead of run. Needless to say I never went with him because, while his message was well intended – spin is good, it is easy on your body, it’s pretty fun – his delivery was all wrong – running is bad for me. I’m here to pitch you on spinning with the correct message. Jim could have gotten me to go sooner if he said “It’s a great workout when the weather sucks!”

So fellow runners and other outdoor loving activity enthusiasts – DO A SPIN CLASS!! IT’S A GREAT ACTIVITY WHEN THE WEATHER SUCKS.

If the idea of sitting on a stationary bike spinning your wheels makes you go “ugh”, don’t dismiss it yet! The music, the mirrors, the company, the instructor and the intervals make the time go pretty quickly. I won’t lie and say time flies, because you’re working hard, but it went more quickly than I expected. The workouts are made up of speed and hills, and you spend a lot of time sprinting, climbing, or both, and then the recovery is wonderful!

A piece of advice… call the gym and see what kind of pedals they have. I took my outdoor cycling shoes, and they were not compatible with the pedals, so I had to wear sneakers and for me it wasn’t overly comfortable. But if you’re not used to clipless pedals you should be fine. You don’t need gloves or padded shorts, although maybe you’ll want them just for comfort. Bring some water and a towel because you will sweat!

The point in all this? Don’t settle for a less than adequate feeling workout because it’s too cold, snowy or icy to run. Call the Fitness Factory, pay the few bucks for a drop in class pass and try this out. I was sore, and tired and felt like I burned off one of my Thanksgiving Day dinners. I will be back, Jim! Thank you for the gentle nudge into the world of Spin!

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