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Prior to PT, I was in constant pain.  I was always tired from the pain.  The littlest activity took a lot of energy.   Since PT, I can perform normal activities without having to think “how will I make by body perform this task?”  I feel physically stronger.  It is so nice to not be in pain all day long.  

-Mary Whitehorn

I arrived grumpy for my first visit having low expectations.  The right side of my neck had knots, and I was experiencing frequent sharp pains.  Everyone was friendly and made me feel at ease.  The entire staff was professional yet gave me a sincere feeling that friends were present.  During the next 11 visits as I could feel my mood noticeably improving, the pain in my neck was going away.  It’s day 12, and I feel grumpy again.  My neck pain is gone.  I am grumpy because it is my last day, and I will miss seeing this exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable staff.

-Michael Fulton