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The devil is in the detail – the detail of customer care and service.  While we are rough around the edges at times, we don’t cut corners on service.  At Active Health Performance Therapy when you are given exercises we make sure you do them right.  We stay with you and harp on you so that you get the most out of them.  You are going to be challenged and possibly lifting heavy weights so there is no room for bad form or mistakes.  You will work hard.  You will get sore.  You will have fun.  You will get better.

There is minimal waiting in our office.  We respect your time.

We use our hands for detailed manual care.  We respect pain and your recovery.

We listen to our community. When folks come from other offices with complaints, we make sure that we learn from the mistakes of others and refine how we treat people, both medically and personally.  Customer service is a process.  We work hard, we laugh hard, we play hard, and we care hard.   Care is a big word.  It isn’t wimpy to want good care.  To us it is smart to want good care and that means more than just physical therapy.  It’s how physical therapists treat people all around – not just the 60 minutes you are on our table or in our gym.