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Active Health PT will provide real life performance improving physical therapy. Our physical therapists will get you back to the activities you need to do to survive in Portland, ME do your job, and be with your friends and family. We will have you back to yourself, as quickly as possible!

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What sets us apart?
  • Geriatric-Certified
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What Our Patients Say

Prior to coming here, I had constant sciatic pain when sitting or attempting to sleep. Now I rarely have the pain and when I do, I know the exercises to alleviate it. Thanks for everything!!


Both Becky & Dave are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. The staff is welcoming, friendly and the atmosphere is nurturing. I have more mobility in my shoulder and can now do movements that have been limited for years. I highly...


A few months ago I got tired of my back pain, which I had been experiencing for over two years. Every time I try to exercise, I end up pulling a muscle in my back. It got to the...


I recently completed rehab with Active Health Performance Therapy following my second ACL surgery. Throughout the process, Becky and Dave were conscious of how my knee was responding and making sure that we moved at a pace that was...


I came to Active Health after finishing 6 weeks of PT at another facility. I had gotten back to exercising but felt I wasn’t able to perform to my fullest with my right arm. I had a lateral epicondylitis...


I came to Active Health Performance Therapy at the recommendation of my massage therapist to solve some issues with my running and get me through a half marathon. I was trying to prevent some recurring injuries and improve performance....


My relationship with Becky goes back many years ago when I had a partial knee replacement and she was my home health visitor. When she started her own business with Dave, I followed. I’ve come back after having left...


I was limping when I finally called to come in. Pain started but was bad for about 2 months before I made that call. Manual therapies & exercises on an ongoing basis relieved the pain. I did the exercises...


I was in daily “pain” with my knees (especially the right knee) prior to coming to Active Health. Over the past month I have come to a place where I do not have daily pain within my knees. When...


I have been experiencing severe hip pain for a number of years. Becky reached out to me at the gym and I haven’t felt better in years. The exercises and stretches were painful, yet extremely beneficial for my long-term...


Before I attended AHPT I had severe sciatica and right leg pain. Going into my second week, I went from a five pain to a one- which I had not had in 3 years. I look forward to future...


I am a 56-year-old man who is an active skier. Unfortunately, I injured my knee two winters ago, torn meniscus and partially torn ACL. I had surgery in July of 2015 to address the meniscus but not a repair...


I came in limping & on crutches after a tib/fib fracture. After two therapy sessions specifically for limping, the limp went away. Now I can lift and walk with ease.


I came to see Becky after a foot surgery. Dave made me pick up marbles with my toes – ouch – but he made me keep doing it. Much better now. Then I came back for a neck problem-...


Working with Active Health Performance Therapy has completely changed my life, for the better. I was a hobbling, limping mess with no hope at walking normally again after breaking my ankle. I couldn’t do stairs at all and I...


When I first came to Active Health Performance Therapy, I was unable to walk without a crutch as I was recovering from surgical repair of my left quadriceps tendon and severe sprain of my right ankle. I wasa mess!  The first day after my first session with Becky I was walking on my own! It’s hard to say what has been the most transformative piece of the work. The exercises have strengthened not just my knee and ankle, but my core is stronger, me cardio and endurance is better and best of all I have gained a sense of confidence that enables me to feel that anything is possible! I feel better than I have in many years and I attribute much of that to Physical Therapy strengthening and training, as well as a concentration on the areas that are healing. It has meant a holistic and fundamental shift in how much stronger and confident I feel and how I approach the world. My time with Active Health has been a fabulous experience and I look forward to more time together!


I went to Active Health Performance Therapy due to lower back pain (Sciatica) as diagnosed by my doctor. I had been having low back pain (trouble walking/sitting and had to limit my daily workouts such as running and weight...


Both Becky and Dave are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Dave did a great job of not only explaining what to do, but also precisely why I was doing it, giving me a better understanding of what I was doing and motivation to follow through. While chatting with Dave, the topic of knee pain that had bothered me most of my life came up, so I scheduled a follow up appointment to look at that (I was there for another issue entirely.) It never occurred to me that I could visit a physical therapist without a doctor’s referral, but I could, I did, and I only wish I had sooner. The facility is also nice and its proximity to a full gym is nice bonus.


I was having a lot of pain in my neck and it was painful to turn. Active Health Performance Therapy put me through exercises and massaged my neck, and relieved my tension. Now I am able to move and...


This physical therapy practice offers individual treatment plans in a relaxed yet profession atmosphere. I am a primary care provider and would without hesitation refer to this PT practice for care. I have had very positive results with my...


Very Professional!


I can’t thank you enough for getting me up and on my new knees. The dozen sessions were very professional, informative and a lot of fun in your perfectly appointed torture chamber (haha). I feel I came out of...


What I love about Active Health Performance Therapy is that Becky and Dave don’t treat each patient the exact same way. They listen to me and really try to sort out the cause of the problem. And they follow...


I was in pain for 3 months before I came to Active Health Performance Therapy. They pushed me to do exercises that I found difficult. But they paid off. Becky and the crew are very knowledgeable.


Becky has helped with a couple of different issues.  She does this by asking the right questions (in a friendly way.)  Then she spots where the problem is and designs exercises to provide relief and build strength. She has helped with my recovery from radiation therapy and also with my recovery from hip surgery. She is great!


After my fourth joint replacement (2 hip and now my second shoulder) I decided to go to Active Health Performance Therapy for my physical therapy in part because of their connection to a gym (Fitness Factory). Although pleased with...


Physical Therapy has made it easier to work, walk, stand, bend, sit, and cook. I can now jog on a treadmill for 15 minutes!


I would like to thank Becky & Dave for their knowledge and great care I am receiving. I had shoulder problems and needed and received SRS. Dave & Becky helped me with my ROM deep tissue shoulder massage (breaking...


My pain in my shoulder, neck, and arm had been keeping me from many everyday tasks and things I enjoyed. Now, after much hard work, I am able to use my arm and not worry about any pain stopping...


I could not throw a ball without my right latissimus dorsi muscle seizing up. In addition, I had occasional sciatica on the right side. So I began attending Active Health Performance Therapy. Dave did electrical stimulation and gave me...


Prior to coming to PT at Active Health Performance Therapy, I suffered chronic knee pain. The pain interfered with regular daily activities: house work, walking for exercise, sleeping. A painful swollen knee dominated my days and zapped my energy....


Active Health Performance Therapy is fantastic – the whole team is wonderful! Becky helped me recover from a surgical repair of a torn rotator cuff, complicated by frozen shoulder, with her plan of physical exercise and massage-manipulation of my...


I went to Austerer Higgins Physical Therapy & Wellness due to lower back pain (Sciatica) as diagnosed By my doctor. I had been having low back pain ( trouble walking/sitting and had to limit my daily workouts such as...


Both Becky and Dave are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Dave did a great job of not only explaining what to do, but also precisely why I was doing it, giving me a better understanding of what I was doing...

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